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Western Forest Industries (WFI) #7 Diesel Locomotive Plymouth WLG-8, 26 Oct 2013 [1852] uploaded by James Heinrich
Western Forest Industries (WFI) #7
Diesel Locomotive Plymouth WLG-8, 26 Oct 2013
Western Forest Industries (WFI) #7 Diesel Locomotive Plymouth WLG-8, 26 Oct 2013

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Date taken:26-Oct-2013
Date uploaded: 25-Jul-2017
Location: S Shore Rd, Lake Cowichan BC Canada
Company: Western Forest Industries
Engine Number: 7
Equipment Type: Locomotive
Power Type: Diesel
Locomotive Model:Plymouth WLG-8
View: Left
Status: Static display
text on plaque:

"Plymouth Locomotive

The 1929 locomotive, purchase new by Merrill & Ring Logging Company, was assigned road #8 on their Theodosia, Powell Lake and Eastern Railway at Theodosia Arm, near Powell River. It was then sold to O'Brien Logging at Stillwater and the road number was changed to 7. It was an internal combustion engine, suited for light duty (bull cook) service.

In 1945, Kelly Logging bought it for use on Moresby Island. They replaced the gasoline engine with a 150 horsepower Cummins diesel engine in 1948. In 1955 the #7 was sold to Western Forest Industries at Honeymoon Bay. WFI had recently switched from railway to truck logging and no longer needed a steam locomotive for switching and interchanging.

After a few years, WFI's interchange duties were contracted to Hillcrest Lumber COmpany, which operated a saw mill near Mesachie Lake. Between the closure of Hillcrest in 1968 and the end of rail shipments in 1977 WFI again used its Plymouth locomotive. During this period the road number was changed to 40.

In 1978 the locomotive was sold to Westcan Terminals Ltd. for switching duty at the Ogden Point dock in Victoria. They changed the number back to 7.

In 1987, following termination of service to Ogden Point by Canadian National Railways, the #7 was doned to the Ladysmith Railway Historical Society, which operated it as a switcher at its museum site. Following the closure of the museum, #7 sat idle and was then donated to the Kaatza Historical Society in 1996. Of all the locomotives that worked in the Cowichan Lake area, #7 is the only one preserved here.

For your safety and to preserve this historical artifact, please do not climb above floorboards."
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